It’s here! It’s the day that America has set aside for honoring the man who donated the seed that brought you into the fullness of life on this planet. Do you know who your father is? Where he is? Perhaps not but, whoever or where-ever he is, you are here experiencing this physical form because of him.

Taking on the responsibility of being a father is an awesome task and can be a most fulfilling experience. My own father waited ten years into his marriage before my mom got pregnant with me; until he was able to claim and enjoy that bond of (in our case) father-daughter joy.

I think I had the best human father ever! Kudos to you, Daddy!

As we celebrate this Father’s Day, we are also welcoming the Summer Solstice. Yep, as of today, Summer is Open, but there is a shadow on the Sun, actually, two shadows. One is the shadow of the nasty virus that is keeping most of us indoors, hiding behind the masks that are supposed to keep us safe from transmitting, or receiving, the viral monster that has caused so many deaths world-wide. (I won’t even utter its name!) The other shadow is of the Moon, that feminine orb of energy that can light up even the darkest night or blot out our Sun. I speak of the total Solar eclipse that will be shadowing our Sun this weekend. We may not actually see it here in the states, but we will feel its effects. Actually, we are sandwiched between this Solar eclipse and the Lunar eclipse that took place two weeks ago. Eclipses can cause chaos, some that can be seen by the violent protests that are taking place world-wide.

These are dynamic times as our planet transitions through the end of the Piscean age and enters the long-awaited age of Aquarius. So, strap down, hold on tight and be ready to celebrate Father’s Day as well as to welcome this prestigious “Shift” into a new constellation; a Solar Eclipse; and a new Moon.

Congratulations and salutations to all you fathers, known or unknown. I hope you can enjoy some meaningful time with your prodigy(s).

The Rolling Sage

Through a compilation of writings I hope to inspire others. These writings represent life lessons I have learned and continue to refine within myself.